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Swinger couple story continued from page 4:

She kissed me and rolled over and was instantly asleep. If her conscience was bothering her it sure didn't keep her awake.
Over the next week I watched her cum soaked panties pile up in the hamper daily and then disappear when wash day came. She
worked late a couple of nights that week. After the second, the next day the red outfit appeared in the hamper and it was
literally covered with cum again. I knew she had been with more than one guy the night before.

But as before when she got out of the shower that night she fucked my brains out. I figured on an average Janet was getting
fucked at least four times a day, by multiple guys... and she never looked better. She glowed with happiness. Strangely
enough I was pretty happy too. I was turned on all the time thinking about Janet fucking other guys. Then it was my time to
go out of town for a few days. To Dallas.

I normally call each night at about ten. I was surprised the first night of my trip when Don answered the phone. I wasn't
surprised that he was there, just that he answered the phone. He recognized my voice immediately and he identified himself, not
that it was necessary and said Janet was in the bathroom... she will be right here.

Janet came on shortly and her voice was a little high pitched, like when she is nervous or scared,

"Hi Jim ... how are you honey? Don and I are working on this new proposal. Working on how to get more business. You
don't mind us working here do you sweetheart? It was more comfortable to me to work at home and Don was nice enough to come

"No that is fine hon. Just checking in.... don't work too hard. Good night."

And I hung up. It was the briefest call I had ever had with my wife. I had cut it short for two reasons, one to put Janet on
edge and as I hung up, this stunning nude 19 year old came bouncing out of the bath room. I had known Candy for a little
over a year now. Candy loved to fuck older married guys and I was lucky enough to have run into her at a business reception her
Dad had held for several of us. I had ogled her all evening. She had noticed and winked at me each time she caught me looking at
her hot young body. Then she blew me away when she walked up to me and said,

"Give me your hotel key and meet me there in 30 minutes. Where are you staying?"

I wordlessly handed her my key. It clearly said THE WENTWORTH HOTEL on it. She looked at it and smiled,

"Make that 20 minutes."

She was a hot, damn near insatiable, young lady. She was built like your dream cheer leader and loved to fuck. Candy and
I had gotten together monthly and had become close other than just sex over that year. I was in Dallas monthly and Candy was
always ready. Now in addition to trying to wear my cock and tongue out we use each other as confidants. She uses me as her
dutch uncle. Telling me her troubles and all her sexual escapades. Lately I had shared with her the fact that Janet was
screwing several other men and that strangely it was OK with me. She liked that a lot and said if she ever got married it would
have to be on that basis. That she could still screw anyone she liked.

But Candy was in no mood to talk as she crawled on the bed on all fours.

"Hurry Uncle Jim and fuck me dog style. I have missed you so much. I wish the kids here would learn how to properly fuck a
young lady the way you do."

I eased into my hot young friend from behind and I cupped one large breast as my other hand stroked her swollen clit. I
drove in hard loving the feel of her tight young cunt on my cock and thinking how Don was probably fucking my wife at this very
moment too.

The next night, when I called, Janet answered. She seemed anxious about the previous night. I wasn't sure I wanted to
reassure her too much. She was nervous and she talked non stop, something she does when nervous. I said very little. When she
brought Don up I just said 'I understood, I guessed.'

She told me she loved me twenty times. I just listened and grunted in response.

As I sat there after hanging up the phone I thought, 'This has to be brought out into the open or it was going to wreck us.'
Then I opened the door to the soft knock and Candy walked in saying,

"I can stay all night... my folks think I am staying over at a friends."

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