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Swinger Couple

Swinger couple story continued from page 2:

Hi Lover,

Janet baby, please save these for our trip to Atlanta next
week. I can imagine how hot you will look.

I can hardly wait.

Your black warrior,


I slowly closed the card. I carefully replaced everything and closed the drawer. Well now I knew. But what the hell was
I going to do about it?

Then I heard Janet coming in the front door. I looked at my watch, 11:45pm. I heard her call out as she came up the stairs,

"Hi sweetheart I'm home."

"Hi hon ... I'm in the bed room."

I heard her growl sexily and say,

"Hmmm good Jim... as soon as I get today's grime off of me I will be right there. I hope you aren't too tired. I am soooo
horny. I will be there in a flash."

I heard the shower going and I was hard waiting eagerly to make love with my hot sexy adulterous wife. I wondered how many
times Don had enjoyed her tonight?

She came in the bedroom bareass drying her delicious assets and smiled saying,
"I thought about your big cock all night honey. I hope you are ready for a long hot fuck."

She looked at me as if she hadn't been fucked in a year and was dying for it. Then shortly in our bed she fucked like it too.
By the time we were ready for sleep I was exhausted. Soon she was sound asleep and as I looked down at my beautiful wife
looking so sweet, I realized that I had just fucked my sweet sexy wife knowing full well she had been with another man, only
minutes before.... I was convinced she had been out with Don tonight.

In fact as we were having sex I kept thinking about Janet and Don and it made me hotter as I imagined him shoving his big
black cock to my wife. I found myself wondering when it would happen again. I realized I actually looked forward to it.
Now as she was sound asleep I kept running it all through my head. What was I going to do? Nothing for the time being... I
was going to leave it alone for now. I wondered if they fucked every day at the office, or just when Janet worked late and when
the two of them were out of town? I also wondered if there were others?

I finally fell asleep sometime, only to wake up with a throbbing erection. I had been dreaming about Don fucking
Janet... I glanced at the clock, 2:11am, and I rolled over and wrapped Janet in my arms. I wanted her. I kissed the back of
her neck and cupped one large firm breast in my hand. We both sleep nude and so her soft smooth bare breast filled my hand.
She moaned in her sleep. I dropped my hand to her sweet pussy and let my fingers walk around. I brushed across her clit and
she jumped. Her cunt was getting wet rapidly and as I slipped two fingers in her I heard her moan and say,

"Hi sweetheart... what a pleasant surprise."

Then she reached back and caught my hard cock in her hand and raising one leg she guided it into her wet slit from behind.
I pressed hard and buried it in one stroke. She groaned loudly, "Oh shit sweetheart that feels so good. I love your cock."

I drove hard as we thrust into each other. Janet came shortly and then she said,

"Pull out I want to finish you with my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth please baby."
I was delighted. Later we rolled up into a tight ball together and Janet sighed saying,

"Honey I love you so much... thanks for waking me up. It was well worth it. I do love for you to fuck me."


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