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Swinger Couple

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As I became more and more convinced she must be having an affair I was puzzled by my reactions or lack thereof. I wasn't
the least bit upset. I wasn't jealous. I was mostly puzzled as I thought over our sex life and I found little to criticize. We
had sex almost every night and weekends were frequently spent in bed. We still enjoyed everything and Janet was always eager to
engage in ever possible sex act we could dream up. She would cum more frequently and harder than any woman I had ever known. To
say she was multi-orgasmic would be such an understatement. Even on those evenings when she worked late, after she got home she
would shower and come to bed with an enormous sexual appetite.

What the hell was going on?. As I thought about her with another man I had to admit the idea was ...intriguing.... her
fucking another guy not only didn't piss me off or make me jealous but it turned me on more than a little.

I admit I had played around some since we had been married, mostly while out of town on business trips. How could I be too
offended if Janet was doing the same thing? As I sat there with my drink, my only fear was that she might leave me. I really
loved this gal. I had never enjoyed another female at so many things as with Janet. Sex, conversation, games.....I loved doing
it all with her... I wanted her to stay, affair or no.

It was a strange evening. I sat there and let my mind wander, if she was having an affair, then who? Was it someone I
knew? Was she screwing Don, her boss? Don was a bright, very successful, highly energetic guy. I had met him several times,
been in his home, been out with he and his lovely wife socially. I really liked Don. In fact Don was the first black man that I
had felt like I knew well enough to call a friend. Was he fucking Janet? As I turned that possibility over in my mind I
realized I had a raging hard on.

I looked at the clock, 10:15pm. Where was Janet right now? With Don? At a motel, her office....? What were they doing? My
active imagination worked overtime. I could almost picture the two of them, his dark skin contrasting with her light complexion
as he plowed between her open legs. I tried to get it out of my head, perhaps I was making a mountain out of nothing. Perhaps
there was an explanation for the drawer full of sexy stuff. But I knew better. The question was what was I going to do now? Was
I going to confront Janet or try and ignore it? From the size of the collection of lingerie, her affair had been going on for some
time. Should I just let it stay a secret?

I went back into our bedroom to get ready for bed. I looked at our bed and wondered if Don, if he was the one, had fucked
Janet here in our bed? Again I realized I wasn't the least bit jealous. I was damned curious though. I looked at that drawer
again. I seemed to be drawn to it. I opened it again and looked at several of the "come fuck me" garments. I looked through the
things and then I noticed a small box under the rest of the stuff. I was hooked, no way I wasn't going to open it.

I opened the box and folded back the tissue paper to find a sheer fire engine red half bra, a matching garter belt and hose.
It was hot and then I noticed the card under them. I thought 'Well there is your answer, if you really want to know who.' I
picked the card up and realized I was hard again and my palms were sweaty. I opened the card and read,

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