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Naked Wives

Naked Wives continued from page 6:

His penetration from this angle was a completely different sensation. I felt the same pressure and fullness, but in slightly different places. His fingers were working wonders on me in front. His free hand came over my shoulder and held my breast. His kissing moved to my back, shoulders, and neck. As he began thrusting I could feel his stomach against my buttocks. My breasts were bouncing slightly as he moved. He took his hand from my breast and began massaging my back. His hand slowly worked its way down to my hips and rear. He pulled his upper body (what a body!) away from me and got into a position that allowed him deeper into me. His thrusting was more insistent now. The sensation of his cock sliding between my ass cheeks and into my soaked pussy was superb. One of his hands was busy with my clitoris while the other was massaging my buttocks. He moved the latter hand down further until I could feel him holding himself as he slid in-and-out. He gave a little grunt with each push.

I could feel the beginnings of another orgasm, thinking to myself, "This guy is GOOD!" Even with that, though, I didn't feel sorry for him. Besides, he was enjoying this as much as I was. He'd pay a high price for his pleasure, though.

I was pushing back against him in time with his pumping. My hand went to his and pressed him harder into my pussy. I was pushing hard forward, then just as hard back into his cock. We were making wet, slapping noises as his abdomen struck my ass. I started moving his fingers in me very, very fast. His other hand moved up slightly and I felt his fingers make contact with my anus. It was like an explosion starting at my clitoris and enveloping me. I wailed and threw my head back, arching my back, trying to get him as deep as possible and holding his fingers to my clitoris. I was completely lost in the sensation. My free hand was clutching my breast and squeezing the nipple. I saw stars, it was so intense!

After it was finished, Brad rolled me onto my stomach without coming out of me. He proceeded to fuck me hard and fast. I turned my head away from the camera as he pushed himself up on his hands to get the best penetration. I raised my rear a little to give him a better angle. He was close. He was now up on his knees, pulling my hips with his hands to keep contact. I was face down in the pillow on my elbows and knees. I was driving back into him. His grunting was turning to a small cry each time he hit bottom. He grabbed my hips in either hand and pulled me to him, thrusting deeply into me. He suddenly went rigid and let out a howl. I felt that familiar pulsing as he came in me again. With each spurt he pushed his pelvis forward a little. When he was finally through, he eased me back down to my stomach and rested on (and in) me, kissing my ear and neck.

We still had half an hour and I wasn't ready to quit. Brad pulled out and rolled onto his side, leaving a trail of semen across my ass. He raised himself up on an elbow looking at me. I rolled toward him, lying facing him. This was a perfect camera angle. My back was to it, and he was facing it. I took advantage of the moment and figured I'd get him into the deepest shit I could.

"Jeez, Brad, you mean your wife doesn't like doing this?" I asked.

"Not that I can tell," he replied, looking grim. "She doesn't have a clue how to fuck. That fat bitch just doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself. You, on the other hand, are the best screw I've ever had! If I could, I'd do you every night and never have to look at her again."

I almost laughed out loud picturing the reaction she was going to have when she saw the video of that line! Her husband, nude, propped up over a well-built woman saying something that harsh. Her daddy wasn't going to keep this jerk around! I figured the best thing I could do was finish this off with a flourish.

I reached down and started stroking his semi-soft cock. He said, "I don't think so, Cheryl. We don't have time, and I'm spent."

"Don't be ridiculous!" I scolded. "A man like you wouldn't let me down, would you? I want to fuck you again!" I kept up the stroking and he responded with a twitch. He seemed to like the dirty talk. "I want to feel your hard cock in me one more time tonight, Brad. C'mon, give it to me again. Please let me fuck you." He hardened rapidly, although he didn't get as hard as before. It was plenty for me, though. Keeping my face away from the camera, I pushed him onto his back. Still holding his cock in one hand, I straddled him. I moved up and suspended my breasts over his face. He held them and sucked on first one, then the other. "Put it in, Brad. Fuck me again." Without letting go of my breasts, he pushed his hips up. I used my hand to place him at my opening and I sat. He was all the way in easily. I sat up and gyrated my hips, rotating on his shaft. Looking down at him I was again turned on by his physical beauty. I closed my eyes and began to slide up-and-down on him. His hands were on my hips now, pushing me down on his cock. I leaned forward and held myself suspended while he thrust up into me. I said to him, "So, I'm good for you, huh? Better than what's at home?"

"Yes! Oh, yes!" he cried. "I don't know how I'm ever going to be able get it up for her again."

"Well," I said, "hang on, 'cause I'm going to fuck you REALLY good now!" I laid down on him, sliding my hands under his ass and pulling him up into me harder as I slid myself up-and-down on his cock. My breasts were hard against his chest, sliding in our combined sweat. He was pistoning in-and-out of me like a man possessed. He was lifting me off him with his hands on my hips, then forcing me back down on his cock as he pushed upward. I moaned to him, "Yeah, I'm fucking you good, now. I'm fucking you good. That's it, Brad. C'mon! C'mon give it to me. Put it deep! Cum in me, Brad! Cum deep in me!" It was like a magical chant. He bucked upward one last time, throwing his head side-to-side and came a third time. He held my hips down, making sure I stayed on his cock. I pulled one hand out from under him and used two fingers to finish myself off. It only took a second before I came with a shudder. I moved off of him with his semen dripping out of me, coating his quickly shriveling dick.

Brad laughed, looking at his watch again. "Ten minutes to spare. What should we do with the extra time?"

"You'd better get dressed and out of here," I said. "I'll need a shower before he gets back. I'll have to air out this room, too. It must smell like a brothel. I'll tell Kevin you didn't want to impose and wanted to get home to your wife."

Brad complied, dressing hurriedly. After the car pulled away, Kevin burst from the closet. He grabbed me, kissing me furiously. "We've won!" he said with a huge grin. "He's as good as gone!" Then he looked at me with a smile and said, "You've never fucked ME like that."

"Well, YOU'VE never fucked ME like that!" I replied, laughing.

"Well I'm going to, sweetheart, I'm going to. Go take a bath and wash that son-of-a-bitch off of you and out of you. I'm taking back what's mine!"

I took a long, hot bath and douched thoroughly. Then my husband proved he was the better man.

We sent pictures and edited video anonymously to Brad's wife. A few days later, he was fired. The owner came to Kevin and told him the story, telling him that Brad claimed it was me in bed with him and that he was set up. Kevin told him that he and I were having problems and that he blamed himself. He didn't know anything about the dirty details and didn't want to know. He was going to try to work things out and keep his family. That was that. Kevin was made V.P. of Operations. I still get looks from Brad's wife at company functions, but everyone says she's much happier now. In fact she has a new boy-toy, but this one seems to actually love her.

We haven't heard from Brad since that night, but I often think he'll try to come back for more. Kevin and I have watched the unedited video many times, which is how I have such detail for this memoir. It turns us both on to watch. I include one still shot from the digital camera Kevin used from the closet. I hope you all enjoy it. We sometimes discuss another foray into this kind of sex, but deep down, I don't believe we'll ever do it. This was forced on us, and although we both enjoyed it, we're happy just with each other.

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