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Naked Wives

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Brad pushed himself up on his hands over me. He moved his hips up and I felt the head of his cock at my opening. He pressed forward and I pushed back. I was so wet that the head penetrated me easily. He went in a little then pulled back out a little. Then he pushed again, a little harder. He got in a bit farther this time. I was enjoying the lovely sensation of fullness and pressure inside me as he slowly and gently worked his cock into me. At last he was in all the way. I expected him to do the macho bullshit job that most of these types do. They usually start slamming it to you, pulling it all the way out and pounding it back in. Brad surprised me. When I could feel his pubic hair tangling with mine, and his pubic bone pressing into my clit, he started making the most delicious circular grinding motion. I was trying to push up against that motion, bucking my hips, finding my own rhythm. He was still up on his hands, looking down at me. He let me set the pace and kept his movements in time with mine, but in a slightly different pattern that kept some friction right where I needed it. I reached up with both hands and pulled his face down, kissing him on the mouth. I raised my knees up and hooked my calves and ankles around his buttocks and thighs. I used my legs to pull him in more deeply while thrusting my hips into him.

He was getting more and more excited as I responded passionately to his skillful use of my body. He began pulling out a little farther, then sliding back in quickly. He kept up the side-to-side motion to go with the in-and-out. Each time he hit bottom, he ground into my clit. He lowered himself down and put his hands under my arms, holding my shoulders. He used my shoulders to pull me down into his thrusting cock. The pressure and contact were fantastic. He found my timing and matched it, thrust for thrust.

He then bent his head to my breast and sucked my nipple into his mouth. I moaned in pleasure as his teeth gently caressed it. His tongue briefly flickered across it and I could feel another orgasm building. Brad was beginning to move his hips faster, not lengthening his thrusts, and continuing his grind at the end of each thrust. I was groaning almost constantly, each time he finished a stroke, filling me. I started whispering to him, "Fuck me, fuck me! Yes! That's it! That's so good. Come on, Brad, come on! Cum in me. Cum inside me. Fuck me!" This whispering got louder and louder as my orgasm started. Suddenly he pushed himself back up on his hands and lost it. His face was contorted, his eyes wild. He began that macho bullshit job, but now I didn't mind at all. I was fucking him for all I was worth. The feeling that I had totally controlled him was incredibly erotic. I felt like I owned him.

That thought took me over the edge. I reached down and grabbed his buttocks pulling him into me and crying out in unbelievable pleasure. He was pulling out and pounding in. The lovely grinding had stopped, but I didn't care. He shouted and collapsed onto me, groaning and spasming into me. I could feel every pulse of his cock as he erupted deep inside me. I was awash in my own powerful orgasm, still pushing back against him, moaning softly.

We lay like that for a few minutes, trying to get our breath back. Brad suddenly looked at his watch. "Oh, shit! He'll be back in 10 minutes." I wasn't sure I wanted to stop. I knew there wasn't any reason to worry! I was also sure that Kevin and I had everything we needed to fix our problem with a Brad. Just then the phone rang. I jumped, startled. I grabbed it and held it to my ear. All I could hear was soft, rapid breathing. It was Kevin on his cellular from the closet! I carried on a fake conversation. "Oh! Hi, Honey. How is the problem at the plant?"

A pause, then, not knowing what he wanted me to do, I just made a quick decision. "Another 45 minutes? What should I tell Brad?" As soon as I got the word "minutes" out, Brad's hand was on my pussy. I kept talking to Kevin on the phone, even though he could hear us, anyway. "Yes, we're still watching the game." Brad pushed me on the bed, rolling me so that I was on my side, back to him. He reached across my hip and his finger slid into me, rubbing me.

"Oh, you know me, I never know the score." Brad's hardening cock was pressing against my buttocks, starting that rhythmic motion again. I reached behind me with my free hand and began stroking him. I was surprised at how quickly he got back up. He inched his hips down a bit and pushed them forward. He slid between my legs so that the head came out in front. I brought my hand back in front and rubbed him as he came through. It must have caught Brad by surprise, and he must have be extra sensitive due to our recent screwing because he shouted, "OH!" as I touched him.

I said into the phone, "Yes, honey, that's Brad. There must have been a very good play." Brad started sawing back-and-forth, getting himself (and me) more excited. I needed to get more involved in what was going on, so I said to Kevin, "OK, we'll see you later. Bye." I disconnected the phone and put it back on the bedside table. I reached down between my legs and took hold of Brad's cock, guiding him back into me. I knew the video was getting a great shot of Brad's entry so I lifted my leg a bit to improve the view. I put my hand back to his head and pulled his face up to kiss him. This way my face was away from the camera, but his was in full view. For that clip, anyway, the screen would clearly show Brad fucking someone from behind.

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