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Naked Wives

Naked Wives continued from page 4:

He said softly, as though more to himself than me, "What an incredible body!"
Then he kissed me deeply. He kissed my mouth, my eyes, my hair and moved to my neck. I love having my neck kissed. I gasped as he lingered there and his hand found my breast again. He pulled the shoulder strap of my bra down and at last had my bare breast in his hand. My nipple was already as erect as I had ever felt it. He bent down further and sucked it gently into his mouth. I could feel my other nipple pushing against the lace fabric. It was the sweetest sensation. I've read of women who reach orgasm this way, but always thought it was literary license. I was damn close to cumming right then, though. Brad reached around and unhooked me, letting the bra join the skirt at my feet. He took my breasts in both his hands and kissed them alternately. He held them together and sucked both nipples into his mouth at once. I had my head back against the door with my eyes closed and my hands on his head and shoulders.

He stopped working on my breasts and kissed and licked his way further down. He hooked his thumbs under the sides of my panties again and slowly pulled them down. I raised one foot, then the other as he removed them, leaving me nude. His head was level with my knees and he began kissing there, this time moving up. He kissed, nibbled and licked his way, teasing me. I felt his tongue probing my pussy and moved one foot a little to the side to help him reach me. When he found my clitoris it was like an electric shock. I yelped and pushed my hips forward. My hand went to the back of his head, guiding him and holding him where I wanted him. He licked me up-and down slowly, but firmly. Then he put just the tip of his tongue directly on my clit and flicked it rapidly.

He started undressing as fast as he could without stopping the heavenly work he was doing on me. His shirt came off first. His back rippled with muscles. I mean, this man was in incredible shape. He got his shoes off, then opened his belt and undid his pants. Then he went back to concentrating on me. He put one hand on my buttocks pulling me harder into his tongue. His other hand came up between my legs, tickling the insides of my thighs. He then slid two fingers up into me, and began sliding them in-and-out. I was going wild! I was gasping for breath and bucking my hips into his face. His hand stopped moving and I could feel pressure as he pressed his fingers, still deep inside me, forward toward his face. It was the strongest orgasm I had ever had. I just exploded. The sensation was overwhelming. I would have fallen to the floor, but the force of his face and his hand still in me held me up. I came with wave after wave of sheer ecstasy. It just kept going on and on. With each wave I cried out a little.

When it finally subsided, I realized that all this had taken place out of the line of sight of the closet. We had set it up thinking that all the action would take place in the bed. I was so caught up in the moment that I'd forgotten that little fact. "Damn!" I thought to myself, "I hope Kevin found a way to at least see that!"

Brad stood up and picked me up like one would a child. He took me to the bed and sat me on the edge, looking at me expectantly. I realized what he was waiting for and helped him get his pants down. His cock was rock-hard and standing nearly straight up. I took it in my hand and began stroking him. He wasn't hung like a horse or anything like those stories I've read, but he did have a nice one. I knew I was going to enjoy the rest of this session. He started to push it to my face, but there was no way I was going to give him a blowjob. Its not that I have any objections to it, but the wildness had subsided a bit since I had already cum, and I had my mind back on the reason we were here. I didn't need to please him, just fuck him (literally and figuratively).

He stood there with me stroking him and looked spectacular. He had a washboard stomach and just a beautiful chest. His definition was as good as most bodybuilders, but without the excessive bulk. Just looking at him got things stirring in me again.

He was getting a little insistent with his pushing his dick toward my mouth, so I just stood up, without missing a stroke on him. As I stood I brushed his cock against my breast and continued holding it against me as it slid down my stomach. He was too tall for me to put him in with us standing, but he was pretty close. I kept pulling on it, pointing him where I wanted him. He took the hint and reached around grabbing my bottom, lifting me. I thought he was going to drop me down on his erection, but instead he stepped to the bed and laid me down. He climbed onto the bed and lay next to me. I really didn't want to wait any longer, but he started using his fingers on me again. I found myself grabbing his hand and guiding him, raising my hips to meet every stroke of his hand. After a minute or two of this, I just needed to have him. I half whispered-half moaned, "Brad, do it. Put it in me! I want to feel you in me!"

He rolled onto me, between my open legs and kissed me again. I nearly swallowed his tongue, I was so worked up. It briefly went through my mind that my husband was about to see another man enter me. I wasn't sure it wouldn't upset him terribly. Part of me thought, "I wouldn't be here if he'd just taken better care of things." I figured his having to watch this might just be a just punishment. Then I remembered his reaction to our discussing it and I knew it wasn't a punishment at all.

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