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Naked Wives

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As Kevin and I joked about how I'd get his boss into bed, I noticed he was getting excited and was hardening rapidly. I was shocked! I always thought he'd get angry at any mention of my cheating on him. Here we were talking about it and he was getting turned on! I continued telling him what I'd do with Brad, getting more and more detailed. It was turning me on thinking about using my powers as a woman to save our family and to get even with that asshole, Brad.

Kevin and I ended up having some of the best sex of our marriage. While we were at it I realized that this could really work and that it may be our only way out.

The next night, after we put the kids to bed, I opened a bottle of wine and seduced my husband. I started repeating the fantasy from the previous night. It had the same effect on him as before. He was really getting into it. Then I told him that I was serious. He stopped his pumping and looked at me. I told him that it was our only hope. Nothing else we'd discussed was going to help, but this was certain to work. Then I told him he'd have to be there to get photographs. He exploded in me without another stroke! Suddenly it hit me. We were going to go through with it. The feeling of power was delicious. I had a tremendous orgasm, and lay there holding Kevin.

The next day we finalized plans and started things moving. Kevin invited Brad to our house to watch Monday Night Football. Brad's wife had no interest in sports, so there was no risk of her coming along. He asked if I'd be there before accepting, which made me think we had a sure thing going.

He arrived right on time. I met him at the door wearing a loose peasant blouse and a skirt that came down only to mid-thigh. Knowing where the night was headed, I chose my undergarments with great care. I had on a red lace, low-cut bra that barely covered my nipples. My panties were red satin, French-cut bikini briefs. My shoulder length blonde hair was flowing loose. I greeted him with a kiss on the cheek while gently pressing my breast against his arm. He seemed a bit surprised, but it came off innocently enough.

He and Kevin settled down in front of the TV. I brought them in some snacks and beer. I was careful to lean over in front of Brad when setting stuff on the coffee table for him. My blouse fell away giving him a look at my barely covered breasts. I only leaned enough to give him a peek. I didn't want to be obvious and I wanted him hungry for more. I came in and sat next to Brad on the couch. Kevin was in his easy chair. I let my skirt rise up my thigh a bit and could sense his eyes on me.

Kevin excused himself to go to the bathroom. Just before coming back, he called his own pager number. The pager went off a couple of minutes after he was back in his chair. He "called" the number he'd just put in and had a fake conversation with his lead operator at the plant. The idea was that Kevin was needed immediately. This was the weak part in the plan. If Brad insisted on going with Kevin to the plant or just decided to go home, we were dead.

Brad did mention going in with Kevin, but true to character, he wasn't interested in working. Kevin told him he'd only be about an hour, and asked him to stay "to keep Cheryl company." Needless to say, Brad agreed. Kevin went out, backed the car out, and parked it around the corner. He ran back and climbed into our bedroom through a window we'd left open. He hid himself in our walk-in closet where we had placed our camera. Over on a chair in our room was our video camera, mostly covered with clothes, but with the lens pointed at the bed, and the remote control in Kevin's possession.

Brad didn't waste much time. We had sat back down on the couch with the game on. We were making small talk about work and the game when he turned to me and blurted, "My God, you are beautiful!"

"Thanks," I said, smiling, "you're pretty damned attractive yourself."

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