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Naked Wives

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Well, as you can imagine, when there were problems Kevin got set up to take the fall. One of the other VP's took him aside and let him know that the production problems they'd been having were being blamed on him, even though they were directly attributable to some poor decisions made by Brad. He decided to bring in parts sold by one of his buddies' (rumor was he was taking some kickbacks, too). The parts were inferior and kept stopping the lines. He had ordered Kevin to use the new supplier, but not in writing. Since it was my husband's signature on the orders, he was going to be blamed.

When Kevin told me all this I was furious. Not just at his boss, either. I was pissed at Kevin for putting us in such a vulnerable financial position. I was also scared. I couldn't believe we were in this situation. We had no savings and were living essentially hand-to-mouth. I couldn't stand the thought of losing everything, especially because of a jerk like Brad. Kevin and I spent all of the next couple of days trying to figure a way to get around the problem. We figured we had to expose what a shit Brad was, but knew we had no proof. We knew if we could get him fired, they'd keep Kevin and he could then undo the damage.

During one of these discussions late at night in bed, unable to sleep, I blurted out, "I should just go to bed with him and tell his wife!"

Kevin was silent for a while, then said sarcastically, "Well, that'd do the job. Nothing else we've thought of is going to work."

We both laughed and started talking about how his wife, Janice, would have his balls on a platter if that ever happened. She was insanely jealous of him. I recalled the time at an office Christmas party; Brad got drunk and paid a little to much attention to me. I am very fit due to my job; 5'8" tall and 125 lbs. (36C, 25, 37 for those who like statistics), even after two kids. I know I am attractive to men, because I've had to turn down plenty of offers for "a good time." There were lots of guys at the health club where I work who took a shot.

In college and for a few years after I enjoyed quite a few men. Some of them were the college athlete-type, like Brad. I enjoyed a good tumble as much as they did. They could never believe it when I broke up with them. They figured no girl could resist them. I have to admit I was just using some of them for sex. I loved sex then as much as I do now. But, since I've been married, I have always been faithful to my husband. He also has an athlete's body, knows how to use it, and is a genuinely good man.

Anyway, at the party, Brad had been looking at me all night. Toward the end of the evening he was talking to me over in a corner and staring down at my breasts, trying to see further into my already low-cut dress. His wife watched him for a while then came over and lit into him. They left shortly afterward with her still berating him.

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