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Naked wife pictures continued from page five:

Suddenly, my wife decided that she needed something different in there. She told Larry to stop and move out of her way as she stood
up. Then she had him lay down on his back on the cot. Placing her left foot on the floor on the other side of the cot, she straddled the
stiff pole sticking straight up from the top of his legs, and bent forward and kissed him on the lips. I leaned over at his feet and
watched as he slid his four fingers down the valley between her WIDELY spread pussy lips and into her hot love canal, all the way up to the
'body'of his hand.

When they broke that kiss, Eve gently pulled his hand out and settled onto his cock, slowly sinking the whole thing as far into her wet cunt
as she could. Larry placed his palms directly on both nipples, just barely touching them, and slowly moved his hands in a circle as she
bounced up and down on his cock for a few minutes. Then, when he pinched her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, and pulled
them straight out, she started sliding forward and back, heating them both up to a feverish pitch. After Eve came for the first time, Larry
suggested that they trade places again. As Eve got up and pulled Larry to his feet, I couldn't help but notice that Larry's cock was
glistening, in fact almost dripping with the juices from my wife's pussy. She, again, laid down on the cot with her knees pulled back
and her legs spread as wide as she could get them, granting Larry and I the perfect picture of a HOT woman with natural lubrication
glistening on all of the pubic hair circleing her pussy lips that were swelled and spread on either side of, and above, a wide open hole.
Larry practically jumped back into her and started pumping for all he was worth. It wasn't long before they both came, with many moans,
groans and screams.

I kneeled next to the cot and stroked Eve's shoulders and ears. When they finally calmed down enough that their breathing was back to
normal, Larry turned and looked at me.

"You look like you need some relief too!" he exclaimed."Yeah, that's true," I replied, "but it won't take much."

Eve reached her hand out and wrapped her fingers around my stiff cock as she said "Is this what you need? Any time. I feel so lucky to
have married a man who loves me so much he can let me make love with anyone I want! I must be the luckiest woman alive."

Larry leaned back, watching as she stroked my stiff cock, then he pulled out and got up. As he was getting off the cot, I watched as
some of another man's cum seeped out of my wife's slowly closing hole.

Since this was something I had always dreamed of seeing, it wasn't but a few seconds before I sprayed a white stream onto a convenient towel.

The rest of the week was spent with us trying many variations of two men giving the same woman pleasure. Things like having her sit on one
man's cock while the other played with her tits, or her and one of us fucking at the picnic table while the other watched for the park
rangers. She even got to enjoying the fun so much that she forgot that she considers oral sex to be unnatural and sucked on both of our cocks
at different times. She also let us 'eat her out' a few times.

Since it was about the best vacation we have ever had, we plan to go back there next year. Who knows, maybe we have even more fun than we
did last year. And, if you're wondering, yes Larry, Eve, and I have had many wonderful times since then.

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