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Naked wife pictures continued from page four:

"My oh My, aren't we looking beautiful tonight!" he exclaimed as she walked toward us, her tits bouncing naturally with each step. "God,
but you look luscious in that outfit!"

He stepped in front of her and wrapped his arms around her to give her a big bear hug (maybe that should read bare hug). As his large, stiff
cock parted the edges of the towel and poked into her thigh, Eve parted her legs to allow him to hug her close. On the way back to our
campsite, he put his arm around my wife's back. Watching his hand caress her back and stroke all the way down to her ass gave ME a
hard-on too. When we got to the campsite, they hugged again, giving each other a 'good-night' kiss that would have boiled water. Things
were proceeding according to our plan.

The next morning, again the three of us had breakfast together. Eve, though, was dressed in a totally see-thru white blouse and a pair of
panties. Fortunately for Larry, he had had sense enough to wear a terry-cloth wrap that morning so watching her tits bounce and her eyes
focus on the bulge in his wrap, along with her lusty smiles at him, wasn't painfull anyway.

When we returned from town, Larry met us at our campsite, ready for us to all go in the water. Eve surprised him by leaving the top of her
suit down around her waist when she changed. I eagerly watched as Larry eyed my wife's tits as we walked down to the water. Once there,
we again lounged on the float, Eve laying face toward the water, with Larry and I on our sides facing her. It wasn't long before Larry
realized that I had my hand under the water, stroking and squeezing her tits. He finally took the initiative and started stroking her
back, then down across her ass, and finally the back of her thighs. I know she enjoyed all of this because her eyes closed and she began to

After a while, since we were all starting to look like wrinkled prunes, we decided to go up to the picnic table and play a game for a
while. Again, Eve surprised Larry, this time because she changed out of her bathing suit into the white, see-thru blouse and my terry-cloth
wrap, and all while he and I were standing right outside the tent talking to, and watching, her.

Once we got to the table, it wasn't long before Larry started to stroke Eve's back, under the blouse. Shortly, I noticed that I didn't
see his hand at her back anymore, so I 'dropped' a tile and looked under the table to ward them. Sure enough, Larry was strokeing the
outside and top of my wife's left leg, all the way up to the bottom of the wrap. After a few minutes, Eve stood up and slid the slit of the
wrap around so it was on her left side, and sat down again, smiling at Larry as she did so. I waited maybe thirty seconds, then dropped
another tile and looked over at them again. This time, Larry was strokeing the outside of her leg just below her hip. I watched
excitedly as Eve reached down with her right hand and pulled the top panel of the wrap across her legs, then spread her thighs. Even
though it must have been obvious that I was watching, neither of them seemed to notice that I hadn't sat up yet.

Larry DID notice that the wrap had moved and that Eve's thighs had spread some. This suceeded in encourageing him to move his hand onto
the inside of her left leg, half way up her leg. As soon as his fingers touched the skin of her right leg, she moved it away,
spreading her thighs even more. It couldn't have been more than a few seconds before I could see her pussy, and only a few seconds after
that that Larry's hand blocked my view as his fingers touched, then stroked up and down on her wet lips. By this time, Eve had moved her
left hand under his wrap and curled her fingers around Larry's stiff cock. I straightened up just in time to see them move their lips
together to kiss. Since I figured it was going to be a long one, I got up, got some ice out of the cooler, walked around to that side of
the table for a better view, and refilled my glass with soda.

As they broke the kiss, I slid my hand down the right side of Eve's chest and grabbed her tit. As I massaged that hard, excited nipple, I
could tell that it wouldn't be long before we all went into the tent to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. And I was right. Larry saw what
I was doing and reached over and stroked her other tit, massaging the nipple just like I was doing. Eve sat very still with her eyes closed
for a few more minutes, enjoying our completely different feeling hands/fingers on her tits/nipples, and Larry's fingers on/in her wet

She suggested that we all go into the tent to 'lay down for a while'. As we entered, she practically jumped out of her wrap, spread a towel
on the cot, then laid down on her back and lifted her knees back toward her chest, spreading her thighs to give us a spectacular view
of her hot, pink, spreading lips. Larry kneeled next to the cot, pushed his face between her thighs and moved his tongue up and down
between her already wet lips, sucking ocaissionally on her distended labia. When Eve began to moan, Larry moved his left hand under his
chin and inserted his middle finger all the way into her opening pussy. A few seconds later I watched as he added his fore finger,
then the third finger, all the time moving his tongue first up and down, then back and forth across her rapidly swelling lips.

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