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Naked wife pictures continued from page three:

With that, he pulled his cock out of his briefs and stepped up to the urinal. I noticed that he really did have a partial hard-on, and that
he was a little bigger than I am (I'm no longer than average...he's somewhat bigger than that).

When we were both finished, we went back outside, just before Eve came out too. When she rounded the corner of the building, Larry and I
realized that the spotlight was positioned in such a way that it was pointing directly at her, giving us a clear view of her tits through
her blouse. She smiled at us both and walked more slowly so we could enjoy the view longer.

"You guys always stare at women as they come out of the bathroom?" she asked teasingly.

"Oh no," Larry replied quickly, "Only the attractive ones."

That opened up the conversation back to our campsite. After we climbed into bed, I told her about my conversation with Larry. "See
what I mean about men not taking any steps toward a married woman while her husband's around." I said.

"Yeah, I understand now." she admitted. "How should I proceed next? You said you'd help me accomplish anything I want."

"Well, I did, and I will," I answered, "Just as soon as you tell me what it is that you want to accomplish. Have you decided that you
want him to make love to you?"

"I think so, but I'm not sure how I can do it." she asid slowly, "You sounded like you had some ideas last night, what do you think?"

So, for the better part of the next hour we discussed things we could do, before we drifted off to sleep. Believe me, I had some GREAT
dreams that night, and I had the rest of the week to look forward to.

The next morning, I got up and started breakfast. As soon as Larry saw that I was up, he came right over to talk. When he got there, he
sat down on the side of picnic table bench that Eve normally sits on, facing toward our tent, and leaned his back against the table. Eve
apparently heard his voice (actually, she was listening for it), got up ,stretched, looked out, and waved. Larry waved back, remarking
that he really enjoyed the view from where he was sitting. As my wife took her time getting dressed, I answered that I did too, considering
what was visible (practically all of her....remember we sleep nude).

She put on a sheer dark blue blouse, with small white polka dots, and a pair of shorts, then came out and sat down to eat breakfast. Larry
turned so he was straddling the bench, facing Eve's left side. As she ate, I could see that his view was getting better all the time, as the
front of the blouse fell open more and more (not suprisingly, considering that only the bottom button was buttoned). By the time we
finished eating and got ready to go out in the boat, Larry was practically drooling at her and his briefs looked like they were about
as tight as he could stand them. Eve helped things along by looking first at his growing bulge, then raising her eyes and smiling at him
many times.

We went out in the boat, then went into town again, like we usually do when we're camping (I guess you could say that's our 'schedule'). As
we were driving past the bathroom back to our campsite, we saw that Larry had just left there and was walking in that same direction. I
stopped and asked him if he would like to join us again for a swim, then maybe we could teach him a game we liked to play at the table.
He leaned on the car at my window and looked across at Eve as he said "Well, I'm not real good at games......................" (he paused as
he realized that my wife's blouse was completely unbuttoned and wide open and that he was looking at her tits and her nipples were standing
straight out because he was looking) "but I can certainly learn to play a new one. I'll meet you at your tent!"

We agreed and drove to our site. We had gotten all the way out of the car and into our tent, before he reached our campsite. He walked
down to our tent, enjoying the view of my wife getting undressed and climbing into her bathing suit. Then we all walked down to and into
the water. Since it hadn't warmed up any from the previous day, Larry was only too glad to spread water on Eve's back again. I noticed that
his bathing suit seemed to be getting just as tight as it had been this morning.

We lounged in the water on a float for a while before deciding that it was time to go play the game at the picnic table. After we got out of
the water, we all sat in the same places as we had at breakfast. Since it was still very warm, it wasn't long before Eve complained
that her back was getting 'hot'. I pointed to a pan of water sitting on the table and asked Larry if he would mind spreading some on her
back. He readily agreed.

As he started spreading it, Eve pulled the straps of her suit down and off her arms, keeping her top in place with her right hand . When he
was done, she turned toward him, said 'thank you', and planted a big kiss on his lips. He looked to see what my reaction was, and I
winked at him, conferring my approval on whatever action he wanted to take next. Since the kiss was over by that time, he just sighed and
stated that he would be willing to spread water anywhere she wanted it, especially if that was the 'thanks' he'd get.

As we played the game over the next several minutes, Eve repeatedly had to move her right hand. As a consequence of this, the top of her
suit fell many times, exposing her nipples to Larry's hungry eyes. Every time that happened, she would look down at his briefs, then lift
her eyes to his, smiling the whole time, THEN she would put her top back up.

After playing for a few hours, we decided that it was time for dinner since we were all planning to shower after we ate and didn't want to
wait till it got dark. After we ate, Eve and I walked up to the bathrooms, just a few minutes before Larry. Since we wanted him to
accompany us back to our campsite, I showered slowly, getting done just as Larry was drying himself off.

Although he expressed surprise and chagrin at himself for forgetting to bring any clothes to wear back to his tent, I told him not to
worry, since I was sure that Eve would find it much more interesting if he just wore the towel around his waist. We both walked out to the
sidewalk as the bottom of the sun was just getting to the horizon. When Eve came around the corner from the Ladies side, Larry just about
dropped his towel. My wife was wearing a white robe with a completely sheer front and nothing else. As she walked, the robe was naturally
parting at her hips, thus allowing Larry to have a clear view of her pubic hair, as well as her red, erect nipples. It's a good thing he
had 'forgotten' his briefs, he probably would have torn them open getting a hard-on that fast, as it was, he looked merely silly with
the front of the towel sticking almost straight out.

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