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Naked Wife Pictures

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I want to make sure that you're safe, that you're doing it because you want to, not because you're being forced into doing something you
don't want to do, and that you're enjoying it. Watching you enjoy it is the only way I can enjoy it too!." I finished. "Just let me know
when you've made up your mind, and I ll help you any way I can."

Eve rolled over toward me and kissed me, saying "Ok, I understand now.And thank you for being so understanding. Not many husbands would
feel the way you do. Maybe that's why I love you."

The next day, after we went out in the boat, came back, went into town for a while, and returned to the campsite again, we changed into our
bathing suits and waded into the water. Larry saw us return and did nothing to hide the fact that he was watching Eve get changed (she, in
turn, stared right back at him). As we waded into the water, he came over and joined us in the water. I noticed that Eve was watching him as closely as he was watching her.

Since the water was cool, Eve hesitated to just 'jump right in', while I walked out to waist deep water, and sank into the water up to my
shoulders. I suggested that Larry splash some water on her back. He did, then took the opportunity to spread it around for her (I still
think it was so he could touch her, and caress her back....something I think they both wanted at the time, but were both afraid to ask for).
After he did this a few times, she turned to him and favored him with a wide smile as she thanked him for his efforts, then sank up to her
chin in the water.

After a chatting for a while, we all went back up to the picnic table and sat around and chatted for a few hours. Larry decided that he was
getting hungry, so he went back to his campsite to eat, and we prepared our dinner.

That evening, we played cards again in our tent. When we were through for the evening, Eve decided she wanted to talk again.

"I think I've decided it's OK." she began.

"Great," I answered, "What is it that you've decided is OK?"

"I've decided it's OK for Larry to see my breasts." She answered " Considering he's been looking into the tent practically every time
I've taken my clothes off."

"Well, good" I exclaimed "Then I think you should wear that red, see-thru top you've got with you next time we go up to the bathroom."

"OK," she said brightly, "Shall we get ready and go now?"

"You bet!" I excalimed, happily.

As luck would have it (or maybe good timing), Larry met us as we came out of our campsite onto the road. Since it was dark, I'm sure he
didn't realize how my wife was dressed until we got close to the bathrooms. As we neared them, the light got bright enough for him to
see through the very thin fabric, and he realized that he could see her nipples clearly bouncing as she walked. And the closer we got to
the light, the better he could see. Eve realized it too, because she started to smile a very lusty smile in his direction.

It wasn't until he and I got into the bathroom that he realized that I wasn't wearing anything, and that he wasn't sure what to say or do

"I didn't realize you're naked and Eve's wearing a see-thru blouse. I'm sorry, I sure hope you're not mad." he said, beginning an
appology. "I'll just piss, then sneak out and go around the other way."

"Why would you do that?" I asked as I pissed in the urinal, "And why are you sorry you can see through her blouse? We thought you'd be
happy and excited by it!"

"Oh, then you're NOT upset?" he asked.

"No, man." I explained, "Let me tell you something, when we go out in the car for any kind of long drive, I always have Eve unbutton her
blouse and pull it open. I get a kick out of other people seeing her tits. Does it bother YOU? Would you prefer that she not do it again?
Personnally, I think she's got beautiful tits."

"Uh, NO, it doesn't bother me, at least not in any negative way. This bathing suit is getting too tight now that I've seen them, but I was
afraid that you weren't planning on me seeing them." he explained hurriedly. "If it's OK with you, I'm all for it. I love to watch
tits, and you're right, hers ARE beautiful....just the right size, shape, and sag."

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