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Interracial Slut Wife

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They wasted no time, they quickly removed all their clothes while standing and I don't think they ever even looked at each other while doing so. It didn't take them long before they where both naked and making out like school kids. They must have just french kissed for about ten minutes with my mother stroking his cock with here little white hand. It was strange seeing such a little white hand stroke such a giant black dick. I was getting frustrated with them just kissing, I at this point wanted to see much more and had already been stroking my own dick. What my
mother did next just blew my mind. She positioned her head over his cock and swallowed the large head of his dick as far down here throat as she could. I blew my wad almost immediately soon after. Mr.Randall must have been close to because he stiffed up and shot his seed down my mothers throat. My mom started to choke and I'm sure she must of had semen dripping down here chin but it was to dark to tell. I noticed she wiped her mouth more then once as she positioned herself in the doggie position and waited for Mr.Randall to mount her. He didn't waste time as he positioned himself behind her and grabbed a hold of her waist. A quick thrust and my mother started moaning to the rythym of Mr.Randall, he was on his feet now squatting over my mothers back and driving his piston home. She looked like a rag doll the way he would pull her body onto his prick. Her head boobed up and down with he continued pounding and her little titties knocked in the breeze with every stoke. After about a full three minutes of this I thought I heard her say "I'm coming" and that when he really let her have it. I watched as my mother reached back and grabbed his ass and tried to stuff his body inside here now stretched cunt. I could hear the rather loud slapping of Mr.Randall and my mother coming together. My mother got very loud and started making cooing sounds.

The loader she cooed the harder he seemed to buck into her. Here where two people that had never met up until yesterday and now they where screwing the hell out of each other like dogs in a park. Then it was over, Mr.Randall collapsed onto my mothers back and they both laid there in a heap. They both where giggling now and I watched them both dress each other and then stroll back to the truck. I headed for home and got there just as my mother arrived. She was carrying a bag of groceries and looked none the worse. She headed into the kitchen and placed the bag on the table then went into the restroom . I heard the shower start up and figured she was washing off and
cleaning out what Mr.Randall had left in her . The whole time my step-father laid on the couth drinking his Coors and asking for another beer. I gave him the beer and went to bed.

I'm not sure how long there affair lasted, but I know it did go on for at least a few months more. I never would see them screwing again but did catch my mother getting into his truck a few months later. They got awy from me and were nowhere to be seen in the area. About one year later Shawn and his father moved to Utah and I haven't seen them since. Im 33 years old now, and think the experience that I just related to you has caused me to be interested in stories about cheating wives/mothers. My mother is 53 and has no clue that I know about what she did. Her and my step-father are still married and seem to be happy. About a mouth ago I decide to bring up the subject of my boyhood friend Shawn, I wanted to see my mothers response. I asked my mom if she remembered Shawn and the time she yelled at his father. Her face became blushed and she turned away saying "yeah I remember that guy, his father was a jerk for letting his son smoke dope" And she said nothing else, and left the room.

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Interracial Slut Wife