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Interracial Slut Wife

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After about 10 minuets of pile driving my mother in that position he lifted her up and carried her to his room, all the while never removing his cock from her cunt. My mother seemed like a fragile little girl with her legs wrapped around his big black back as he carried and fucked her to his room. The door was pushed shut behind them and I hurriedly crept down the back and out the back door. Shawn's sits at the foot of a hill so I knew if I could climb up the hill I might get to see them finish what they both had obviously wanted since meeting each other yesterday. To my horror the back shades to Mr.Randalls room where pulled closed and I couldn't see anything more. I rushed into the house again hoping they would comeback out. But they never did. I was forced to listen to my mother moan very loudly and Mr.Randall grunt on occasion. At that moment I decided to whip out my little eight incher and stroke it while listening to Mr.Randalls headboard slap up against the wall. Once me and Shawn listened while his father screwed some black chick. All we heard was his head board bang the wall. I never thought I would hear my
own mother moaning to the rythm of the very same head bored. I remember shooting my load and leaving it there and then going home. I didn't care if I made a mess on Mr.Randall's floor, hell he was fucking my mother anyway.

After I arrived home I waited for what seemed like hours for mom to come threw the door. After about 2 hours I got frustrated and went back to the Shawn's house. There were no cars to be seen and so I went home. That night my mother comes walking through the front door as clean as a whistle and as if nothing ever happened. I figured she would be sweaty or something but you couldn't even tell she that she had been unfaithful to my step-father just hours before. She came up to me and gave me a kiss and jokingly asked if I was a good boy today? I said of course and then left the room. At dinner that night my step father commented on here cheerfulness and asked why? She said "I just had a nice day, no reason" If she only knew what I knew that night here pasty white face would have turned red. After dinner my mother said she needed to run to the store and she would be back in an hour or so. I quickly followed her car on my bike and found that she was not going to the store but was making a bee line to Shawn's house. As I pulled up a few houses from Shawn's I could see my mother getting into the red truck Shawn's father owns and then they took off. I was pissed now, because I wanted to see more and they where getting away. I followed them anyways and eventually lost them . I just kept riding just in case and my luck paid off. There at the park was the red truck and I could see two people sitting in the front seat. They were just talking then after about five minutes they got out and started walking. I noticed Mr.Randall was carry a blanket and knew then what there intentions where. The park was dark that night and it was difficult to see where I was going but I managed to keep them in my view. They choose to continue what they had started earlier next to this big rock me and Shawn often climbed while growing up together.


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Interracial Slut Wife