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Interracial Slut Wife

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The next day was a thursday and since I was suspended I figured I would just hang out around the house. But it got boring there real quick and I was in the need for some pot. I figured I would go to Shawn's house and see if I could sneak into his house and pinch some buds from his fathers stash. When I arrived at Shawn's house nobody was home so I sneaked around the back and let myself in, something I had done many times. Well Mr.Randall was out of buds so I started to leave when I heard a familiar voice. It was my mother saying hello to Mr.Randall as he was opening the front door. Mr Randall sounded a little surprised to see my mother but asked her inside anyway.

From my location in the house (downstairs in the tv room) I could hear everything they where saying and was a little shocked to hear them complimenting each other on how they looked. After a few seconds I started to get angry because it was obvious to me that Shawn's father was flirting with my mother and all the while my mother was flirting back. I heard my mother say "I just came over to talk about the boys" and Mr.Randall replied "oh, I was hoping you came to see me". They both got a big laugh from that exchange. There flirting went on for awhile with each other asking stupid questions and laughing at stupid answers. After awhile it got quiet. I had to know what was going on up there but didn't know if I should sneak upstairs to have a look. If my mother caught me there I would be grounded for life. After what seemed like a life time of silence I heard the couch squeal as if someone was just sitting down on it. After awhile I heard more squeaks and decide to take that chance and crept up the stairs slowly. When I got to the top and slowly peeked around the corner I got the shock of my life.

There on the sofa was Mr.Randall and my mother groping each other and french kissing on the coach. I was about to jump up and scream at them when I noticed Mr.Randall big black hand slip under my mothers dress and start pulling at her panties. I had never seen my mother naked and that's what must have kept me from interrupting their thing. I was numbed by what I was seeing and couldn't move. It was then I noticed I had a hardon and was getting excited by the whole thing. My mother went for Mr.Randal's belt and started unbuckling it rather quickly, she seemed to be in a hurry I remember, almost frustrated, at that moment Mr.Randall stood up and removed his shirt and hurriedly pulled off his pants, all the while my mother was removing her remaining close while starring at the crotch area of Mr.Randall with hungry eyes. I'll never forget how her eyes drew very wide when Mr.Randall released his cock from his boxer shorts. My prick is almost eight inches and rather normal in thickness, so I could see why my mother eyes drew wide, when Mr.Randall shifted to get into a better position to fuck my mother, I seen that his dick must have been easily over ten inches and twice the thickness as mine. My mother removed her panties and kicked them away and laid there in all her glory. I could see her pussy was moist even from my hiding place ten feet or so away. She positioned her legs wide open and laid back with here arms raised above her head.

My mother has small titties and Mr.Randall first squeezed them both before taking his position over my mom. He placed his cock at the entrance of my mother's cunt then thrust with all his might as my mother let out a load yelp. She seemed to be a little surprised at his powerful thrust because she looked to be trying to hold him off at first. She held him at his elbows and tried to steady herself. The look in my mothers eyes were one of pain at first then that changed to one of hunger. After the first thrust Mr.Randall pulled almost completely out of her and then thrusted in again. Over and over he went with my mother impaled on his big black dick. The coach started to lift off the floor as he seemed determined to split my mother in two. I could smell the scent of sex in the air (something I had never smelled before) and here the sound of Mr.Randall slapping his fat cock up and inside of my mother. From my position I could see my mom's white ass and here brown asshole, while this big black man humped his ass over and over driving my mother into the corner of the crotch. During this my mother told him it was alright to cum inside of here, that it would be ok (grunting while speaking) .Mr.Randall said something like "thats great or thats good" I cant remember the exact words.

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