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Cum Swallowing Wife

Cum Swallowing Wife continued from page 2:

Debbie continued to whisper instructions and I obeyed. I was just too turned on to stop. "Pull my panties down and expose me to him."
I pulled down her pants and she spread her legs showing him everything. She put her hand between her legs and played with
her-self as Barney sat there stunned. Though covered his cock was obviously hard and really big. Debbie said to Barney "Come over here
and show me what I've done to you."

Barney said, "Sorry bud but I want her to see it". He came over and took off his shirt. His cock was so long that it was above his belt
in plain view. Debbie gasped "My god" as he then pulled down his trousers revealing the rest of his amazing cock. Although his knob
was twice as big as mine the strange thing was that his long dick tapered out toward the base becoming impossibly thick. She grabbed
hold of my fore-arm which was remarkably similar. "I think I've changed my mind." she said. Still my wife touched her first new cock
in 18 years as she reached out in disbelief. She spread his pre-come all over the head making it swell larger. Then with both hands she
held the top and slid down. As her hands went down they spread apart until her thumbs and forefingers were touching. "Quick" she said to
me "Put some fingers in me and spread me. Get me ready because I am going to fuck him." She let one hand leave his manhood and plucked
some gel that she must have hidden under a cushion. She squirted a large dollop in her hand. She grabbed my fingers and thumb and
squeezed them together. "Start like that" she said. Barney looked at me and said "Hurry man before she changes her mind again."

She started to lick his cock all over wetting him and lifted her leg for my access. I pressed my fingers and thumb against her pussy
which was so that they all went in until her lips stretched against my hand. "More" she said, "Fist me". I never even new my wife new
about fisting yet it felt so good to be stretching her that I just continued to push and work my hand until it was all inside. She
whimpered with lust. Now that it was in to my wrist I pulled back and forth. Alternately she could feel my fist against her womb then
the stretch as I came back toward me.

She was starting to come when she yelled, "Stop." She held my wrist moaning as the fattest part slipped out. With super strength she
push Barney back onto our shag carpet. She straddled him and rubbed her clit along his cock. She then rose up about 11 inches into the
air. "Line him up" she said looking at me. I didn't move until she yelled "Now!" I reached out and wrapped my fingers around a man's
cock and lifted its weight into the air. It was so stiff that I just held the mammoth base as my wife lowered her-self. Her puffy wet
pussy lips kissed and formed around his knob as it disappeared into a well lubricated place. I let go. She continued to moan and lowered
herself. "Felling very full." she panted, stopping at that point. Rising again she grunted as she started from the top again, faster
this time like getting a run up. She was coming now on her sixth trip down his cock. Her cervix had his meat slammed against it again
and again. His big dick compressed slightly as she slammed down stretching around the thickening base. She was crying out now and
trying to get as much in as possible as fast as possible. He started fucking her back now and I could see that he was expanding
to come. He lost himself and grabbed her arse. Like a rag doll he rammed her against himself another 3 times then held her. "Yes" She
said, "Come inside me. Fill me" She came with him and wriggled as he convulsed. " I've never been fucked like that." She said before
kissing him tenderly.

Before lifting off him she asked me "Do you think I'm a slut?" I said "No" and she said "What about now" She lifted her self off and
showed me a gapping hole with cum running from it. She aimed the river at his dick, covering him. She then licked it all off and
swallowed it. Barney was hard again but dressed and left saying, "See you next weekend!"

slut wife story


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