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Cum Swallowing Wife

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I was starting to get a weird feeling as Dave and Barney arrived at the door. We went out the back to talk over the job. We heard the
door slide and looked around. My wife walked towards us. Barney and Dave stared as they said hello. "I see you've noticed that I'm not
wearing a bra, do you like it?" They both said "Oh yes!" I took her by the hand and said "I better take this distraction away". When we
were out of earshot she said "Did your see how much they liked my breasts. I thought Barney was going to reach out and touch them."
She put her hand on my crotch and whispered " Damien , I think your friends want to fuck me." My dick hardened and she just looked into
me eyes and went back inside.

Thankfully there was paving to be done and we all worked hard. I tried not to think about my wife's slutty behaviour until mid
afternoon when she bought out some drinks on a tray that she held against her tummy. The tray tilted up when I took my drink off
causing the remaining two drinks to slide back against her breasts. She cried out in delight as the cold, wet glasses bounced against
her nipples. Dave carefully took his. He sighed when he saw her hard nipple through the wet material. Barney reach out for his and I
could see that he let the back of his hand rub against Debbie's breast as he slowly took the glass. "Thankyou." He said. "No. Thank
you." She said and went off to hang out the washing. We were still watching her and Barney said, "I think she's teasing us on purpose".
Bending into the basket Debbie's skirt lifted and we could see here skimpy undies. "Yep" said Dave. The phone rang and it was Dave's
wife telling him it was time to come home. He reluctantly said goodbye and left.

Debbie said "Why don't you leave the rest for next weekend and come and have a drink?" Barney said, "Good idea". We cleaned up and went
inside. With beers in hand we settled in the lounge room. Debbie was beside me on the coach with Barney opposite. Debbie's legs were
slightly apart and I leaned to her and whispered that she should cross her legs. Debbie said out load "Barney, Damien is worried that
you can see up my skirt. Can you?" Barney looked at me and said, "I can just see your panties but not in detail." "What about now?"
Debbie had spread her legs wider apart. Barney stammered and answered, "Now I can see the outline of your pussy and a few hairs
either side."

I said, "That's enough Debbie. I think you've proved that you can still turn men on". Debbie said, "I can't tell for sure because his
hands are covering it." Barney moved his hands uncovering the huge outline of his cock. Debbie said, "My god how big is that thing?"
Barney answered, "Now or when it's fully hard" Debbie said, "You mean it gets bigger! See Damien I'll have to try harder. Perhaps
this will work." She was out of my control as she pulled off her shirt and let him look while she played with her nipples. Barney
looked at me. Debbie said, "Don't worry about Damien. He likes it when I show off. Look I'll prove it." She undid my pants and showed
my stiff cock. I opened my mouth just as Debbie fed me her tit. "Why don't you lick my nipples and make them hard for Barney to see." As
she stoked my cock I couldn't help but suck her nipples making them stand out about an inch or more. "That's it." She whispered to me.
"Now cup them and ask Barney if he likes your wife's breasts." I was turning into a unich as I lifted her breasts and asked "Do you like
them?" Of course Barney said, "Yes."

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