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Adult Video story continued from page 4:

The two men who won the draw for for me paid my husband $200, each, and seemed very anxious to get started. They flipped a coin to see who would fuck me first. Lester, a tall, heavy man, won the coin toss. I told him we could go to the bedroom and get started. I was wearing only my bra and panties and asked Lester if he wanted to undress me or if he wanted me to strip for him. He didn't say a word when he came up to me and put his large hands on my bra covered tits. He squeezed my jugs for a few moments before unclasping my bra and pulling it off. After feeling my boobs and flicking the nipples with his index finger, he stripped naked. I looked down at the black man's stiff cock. It was large, like other black men's that I've fucked and it was as black as night.

Lester's hands went back to my tits. I held his cock with one hand and smoothed my fingers over the large cockhead with the other. He kissed me
intensely for the next few minutes and then said, "Yeah, let's get to it baby!" The other five men standing around (six including my husband who was taping us), watched in silence while I peeled my panties off. I stood naked in front of everyone and said, "I can't wait to get that fat black cock in my pussy!" I started to get in bed when Lester stopped me with, "Let's do it on the floor, baby. I can fuck a lot better down on the floor."

I winked at the tall, black man and said, "You going to fuck me from behind, with your big black cock, Lester?" He stared at my naked cunt,
answering, "Yeah, baby! In back of your white ass! I'm ready to slide this black snake into that big white pussy of yours.!" I kept my eyes trained on Lester's buddies as I kneeled on the floor and then went down on my forearms. My cunt was easily accessible from behind my ass and I knew all who were watching had a clear view of it. My tits hung to the floor, tickled by the shag carpet. When Lester kneeled behind me, I asked, "Oh, Lester, honey? Lick my pussy a little before you fuck me. Please, please lick my cunt, Lester!" He lowered his head under my ass and I felt his tongue slide along the parting of my cunt lips. I arched my back to raise my ass even higher. Lester's probing tongue managed to part my pussy lips and penetrate into my musky fuck hole. He went back to his kneeling position and I heard the other men saying "Man! Look at that pussy!" and "It's so big and fucking wet, man!" and "Yeah! She's ready for fuckin' OK!"

When the black man's cockhead pressed at the opening to my cunt I peered over to the men watching and said, "Ooo! Yeah! He's gonna' fuck me now! With his big, black cock, he's gonna fuck my wet cunt, now! I love being watched while I get fucked!" Lester gripped my ass and slid his hard dick into my waiting cunt. I moaned the entire time he fucked me! The angle that he had to my cunt, caused the top side of his long meat to glide along the parted cheeks of my ass. I could feel his cunt juice coated cock slipping along my asshole as he drove his dick up my twat.

Soon, Lester was fucking me for all he was worth. In and out, in and out, in and out, at a steady pace. When he came, he pulled my ass tight
against his abdomen and pumped loads of white hot sperm into me. I had already had several orgasms and screamed with a fantastic climax of my own. After the black man removed his cock, I rolled over onto my back and panted, "Ummmm!, Oooo! Yes, Lester, yes. You fucked me so good, Lester!" The guy who Lester had lost the coin toss to, was already taking his clothes off and said, "Yeah! My turn now! I'm gonna' get me some of that sloppy white cunt! She's gonna go out of her fuckin' mind when I get through fuckin' her!"

The second man's name was Joe and he couldn't wait for me to clean Lester's cum out of my cunt. Joe was a rather fat black man. His dick didn't
seem quite as long as Lester's but it was bigger around, like a coke bottle! He got between my open legs, held my ankles up and apart, and worked his fat meat into my just fucked cunt. I didn't even have time to catch my breath from Lester's screwing when Joe started humping into me! He fucked me for several minutes before spewing his hot semen in me, to mix with what Lester had deposited. I had several more intense climaxes while Joe's cock twitched in my hole.

Well, I had been totally fucked by too big, black studs with enormous black cocks. I was ready for a shower and a drink, but as I stood up I saw the other four black men, who had watched Lester and Joe fuck me, taking off their clothes! I said, "What are you guys doing!? I told you I wasn't going to screw more than two of you tonight!" One of the men looked at my husband and said, "I just can't wait, man! Watching your old lady fuckin' Lester and Joe here, I got to fuck that pussy now!" Another big man said, "Yeah, I'm fucking that cunt next!" Still another said, "No way, man! She's gettin' my old black bone next!"

Russ knew that he couldn't control the men and what they were about to do so he said, "Look, guys, let's make a deal, here. My wife will take the four of you at the same time and it'll be for the price of one. How 'bout it?" All four men, still staring at my naked body, nodded and moved toward me. It was awesome, watching the four straight, black cocks coming at me! I knew I had to take some kind of control so I said, "Ok. Ok! Three of you sit on the edge of the bed, next to each other. The other get behind me. I kneeled down between the legs of the man in the middle, his huge black hardon throbbing in front of my mouth. I took the cock's of the men on either side of him in my hands. I felt the man behind me rubbing my ass, smearing all the cum that had leaked from my cunt.

I looked at the three men on my bed and turned to look at the one feeling my ass. I said, "OK, let's go!" I began jacking off the dicks I was holding and lowered my mouth over the cock pointing in my face. As I deep throated the cock in my mouth, and jerked on the hardons in my hands, I felt a finger slide up my pussy. I tilted my ass to make it more vulnerable and the finger started fucking in and out of my cunt. I was gasping for air through my flaring nostrils and moaning on the meat in my throat! Then the finger in my cunt hole slipped out and wiped up my ass crack. I felt it push at asshole and then slip into it! I continued to suck on the one guy's cock and jack off the other two while being finger fucked in the ass.

I was getting into steady cock sucking and dick stroking when the finger in my ass pulled out. I moaned painfully for the man to continue fingering my asshole. I was going crazy with an approaching orgasm and needed more stimulation at my ass and cunt. Then I felt two hands on my but cheeks and the man's big black cock poised at my asshole. He was going to fuck my ass and there wasn't anything I could do! The man I was sucking off, was holding my head and the men I was beating off, had my tits clenched in their hands.

The large, black hardon pushed at my brown hole and the head squeezed into my ass. I shook with a tremendous climax and heard the man behind me say, "Oh, yeah! This smooth, white ass is so hot on my black dick! You like it in the ass don't you, lady?! Yeah! You like it!" I tried to scream on the cock filling my mouth but only managed a ,"Eeeeeee!" The big shaft pushed further up my ass and it didn't stop entering until I felt the man's large balls against my cunt. I began to loose my concentration on the three other cocks but forced myself to continue bobbing my head and pumping my wrists.

The man in my ass started fucking in and out of it while digging his fingers into my fleshy ass cheeks. I felt all the cum that had been dumped in
my cunt, squeeze out of me and flow down my inner thigh. I'd never been ass fucked like that before! The strong, black man was slamming his hot fuck stick into my ass until his balls smacked against my cunt! The man I was cocksucking jolted and shot a stream of sperm down my throat. Before I could swallow it all, I gaged and half of the thick hot spunk came running out of my nose. I pulled off the squirting dick, choking and gasping for air. More hot jism splattered onto my face and neck. I was having another electrifying orgasm and pushed back to meet the cock thrusts into my ass. When I looked and the two men I was jacking off, my face covered with cum, I squeezed their hardons and jerked as fast as I could. Both men fired their loads in the air. Some of the blasts landed in my hair, some on my arms, and some down on my legs. I released the cocks from my grip put my hands on the floor. I heard the man in my ass grunt and then yell, "Here it comes, lady! Yeah! I'm gonna' come in you
ass, bitch!" I felt his hot sperm jet into my bowels and it just kept coming and coming! When he finally pulled out of me I laid on the carpet and panted. My husband was still taping me and said, "Shit, Jeana! You've never been fucked like that before! This is the best tape we've made yet!" I was covered with the black men's cum and had it in my cunt and ass too! I'll never forget that experience! Never!

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