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I was getting hot myself from looking at the boys stiff, jerking cock and from the attention he was giving my boobs. Without warning, I reached out and closed my hand around the shaft of the young cock. The boy gave out an excited yell and then his cock began blasting his sperm at me! The first jet of hot semen hit right between my tits. The next spurt hit Michael's left hand and my right tit. Two more streams splashed onto my stomach before the young man was finished cuming. The boy bowed his head in disappointment, but I said, "Now, Don't let that bother you. It's only normal for you to cum like that when you get as excited as you are. I'm really flattered, Michael! To know that I can make a man come that easily is really quite a compliment."

My attempt to relieve Michael's depressed feelings must have worked. He sat on the bed beside me and as I wiped his jism from my tits and stomach, his cock began to stiffen again. I smiled and said, "Ooo! Getting hard again, are we? Well this time I think we'll be able to keep that nice cock of your's hard for a long time!" I got out of bed and slowly removed my negligee. Michael watched me intently and said, "I just can't believe it! You're so beautiful! " I thanked the boy and then turned my back to him, asking, "Would you mind taking my panties down for me?" He didn't say a word as I bent forward, presenting my ass to him. I felt his hands on my waist. Then his fingers worked between the fabric of my panties and my skin. The young man's breathing was becoming heavy as he pulled the thin material down over my ass. When the panties were just below my rounded ass cheeks, the boy's breathing stopped. He pulled the nylon undies down to my thighs and then said, "Whew! Your pussy!
It's so big and hairy! They way it sticks out behind you!"

I told my excited young man to finish taking my panties off and he did. Keeping my back to him, I moved one foot to the side to give a better of my cunt. I asked, "Do you want to feel my pussy, Michael? Go ahead, put your hand on it, touch it." His fingers lightly brushed my cunt hair and then closed on my meaty twat. I let out a hiss and said, "Oh, yes Michael! Feel how hot my cunt is! Open the my pussy lips and feel how hot and wet the inside is!" His fingers worked through the pubic hair and then separated the halves of my snatch. I felt his fingers slipping into me and moaned, "Oh! Yes! Yes, Michael! I'm so wet for you!" I turned around to face him sitting on the edge of the bed. His young cock was standing straight up from his lap. I leaned over to kiss him and his hands came up to catch my swaying tits. I took hold of his hardon and felt all along the length of it. It was hot and pulsing with his pounding heart. Michael broke off our kiss and said, "Can I.. I mean .. Well, can I fuck you now?" I squeezed on his hard dick and said, "Uh huh! Yes, you can fuck me now, Michael. I want to have your nice hard cock fucking me. Do you want to fuck me doggie style? You know, from behind?" He shook his head to say yes and then said, "I want to do it like I saw you on that tape. The one where that big black man fucked you while you were on your hands and knees." I replied with, "Yeah! I like it that way too, Michael! Yeah, you get behind my ass on the bed and slide this nice big cock into my wet cunt!" I positioned myself on the bed and waited for my young lover to get behind my ass. He softly rubbed his hands over my ass and then up my sides to my hanging tits. I felt his cock poking into the crack of my ass as he stretched over my back.

The excited young boy let my tits fall free and straightened up to a kneeling position between my legs, and up against the cheeks of my ass. I
reached a hand between my legs and spread open my slick pussy lips. Then, I looked back at Michael and said, "Oh, come on! Do it! Put your hard cock into my wet cunt, baby! Come on, fuck me! He trembled a little and then put his dick at my hole. I released my cunt lips and felt them cover the head of the twitching cock. The boy held my hips and said, "Oh! Your pussy is so hot!" He gently slid his meat into me, hissing the entire time his cock entered. I was so hot I started rocking back and forth on his stiff dick, causing it to slide in and out of my gooey twat.

The boy got into the same rhythm with me and was soon plunging all the way into me and pulling all the way out. He was stabbing my steamy cunt and grunting, "Ooo, yeah! Oh, yeah! Yeah! Yeah, oh!" As the fucking continued I looked over my shoulder and said, "Oh, baby! You fuck me so good! Umm! Your cock fills me up so nice! Yeah, fuck me! Fuck me good, baby! Come on, shoot your sperm into my hot fuck hole! I want to come on your big, hard cock when it blasts your jism into me!" Michael couldn't take anymore and thrust his hips forward, burying his dick deep into me. He yelled and I felt his young cum load spurt deep up my cunt. I screamed with my own climax and humped back and forth on his spewing dick!

Just as my young man pulled his throbbing dick from my well fucked cunt, Russ walked in and said, "Going after young ones now, are we?" Michael was so surprised that he nearly fell off the bed. I told him it was OK and then said, to my husband, "Russ, this is Michael. He's been saving the whole summer to get enough money to pay for this. For his first time, he is some hot lover! He fucked me out of my mind with his hard, young cock! Shit, it felt good!" My husband grinned and said, "Well Michael, was it good? Did you like screwing, Jeana?" Michael stuttered and said, "Ye .. ye .. yes! She is so beautiful!" Russ then said, "Well, since that was your first time getting laid, how would
to have my wife give you a blow job you'll never forget? I'll even tape it for you so you can show all your friends." Michael blurted out, "Oh! Yes! But I won't have any more money after I give you the $115 I have." I looked at Russ, winked, and then said to the boy, "Oh, Michael, the way you fucked me with that big cock of yours, I couldn't charge you for that and I'd love to show you how thankful I am by sucking your dick until you cum again!"

My husband prepared to tape me giving the 14 year old his first blow job while I cleaned Michael and myself up from the mess we made fucking. When Russ said he was ready, I was playing with Michael's cock and balls. I told him to stand beside the bed and I got down on my knees. I took his semi-hard cock in my hand and brought it to my lips. I put my mouth over the end of Michael's dick and sucked it in over my tongue. I felt the smooth shaft swell and then stiffen out. I had about half of the boys young meat in my mouth when my husband said, "Deep throat him. Swallow his cock, Jeana!" I opened my throat and pushed my head down on to the throbbing organ, forcing the cock head into my throat. The young man's smooth balls were hanging under my chin and my nose was stuck in his soft pubic hair. I had my arms around his hips, my fingers
gripping his firm buns.

Slowly, I pulled my head back until the crown of Michael's cock was at my lips. I looked up to his straining face and cupped his hot balls. He put his hand on top of my head and I started going back down on the slick meat. When the head of his dick entered my throat again, I slithered my tongue on the underside of his cock and then pulled back again. I made suctioning noises as I sucked on the boys thick bone. Michael began to groan and push on the back of my head as I began bobbing on and off of his hardon. He fucked my mouth for several more seconds and then stiffened his legs, preparing to fire his sperm down my throat. I wanted to see and feel his hot cum load, so I jerked my mouth off his cock and jacked him off as fast as I could move my hand. Michael yelped and shot a huge wad of boiling sperm directly into my open mouth.
Another glob of jism splattered my left eye and cheek. I kept squeezing and pumping his jerking cock and took another heavy stream of cum onto my nose. I put my mouth back onto his cock and took several more ejections of sperm without swallowing. When the boy's balls were emptied, I pulled off of him and looked up.

My vision was blurred from the sticky cum covering my eye. I had sperm dripping off my nose onto my tits. The salty semen was running out of my mouth and drooling down my chin. My face was covered with the young boy's jism. I stared at his face, sexily, and licked his cum from my lips, saying, "Um! Your cum tastes so good, Michael! I love it when my man shoots in my mouth and all over my face!" I looked over at Russ, who was still taping us, and said, "Ooo! Michael's cock is fantastic! I love to suck big, hard cocks and eat the hot cum that shoots from them!"

We made a copy of the tape of me sucking Michael's cock and him sperming my face. Russ gave the 14 year old boy the copy and said, "OK, here ya' go, this tape if for you. Hope you enjoyed everything with Jeana. Remember this was a gift for your first time. Normally a man would have had to pay close to $300 to get treated like you were!" Well, I didn't hear from Michael again, but he must have showed his tape to his school friends. A couple of days after he was here, I had another young boy who wanted to know how much it would cost for a hand job! I told him I'd jack him off for $25 and for an extra $10 he could play with my tits while I did it. I bet I've collected $35 from 20 boys that saw Michael's tape! I show them my tits, let them fondle me, and jack off their stiff, young dicks until they cum all over themselves and me. I've fucked
a couple of the boys with really muscular bodies and bigger than average cocks. Those young men cum so quick, but their hard again in seconds! I love it!

I truly enjoy my new life as a whore. My husband Russ has a collection of over 150 tapes of me with other men. He has sold copies of several of them. There's a couple of tapes that get the most requests and they are also the ones of the times I enjoyed best. One of the most popular tapes was made when I was gang fucked by six men. One of Charles' friends was supposed to come over to the house to fuck me. He showed up with four other men, all black, and they asked if they could all be taken that night! I told my husband that there was no way I could fuck six, big, black men all in one night! Russ told the men that I would only take two of them but the rest could watch and make an appointment for some other time. The men agreed and cut a deck of cards to settle who would screw me and who would watch.

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