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His Jamaican accent was sexy and watching him rub his big cock made my pussy cream. I unhooked my bra and removed it, letting my tits hang free. I bent at the waist to pull off my panties, causing my breasts to swing under me. I was now wearing only my black nylons, red garter belt, and red high heels. I cupped my tits with my hands and leered at Charles, saying, "Do you like what you see, Charles?" He stepped closer and said, "Oh, yes! Ever since seeing you and Gus, on 'de tape, I been wantin' to see 'dem tits and 'dat pussy for my own!" I moved to my arm's length from him and as he reached for my tits, I took his stiff cock in my hand. I could just get my fingers around the hot, brown flesh and I squeezed the meat as Charles fondled my jugs.

Russ was excited at the scene of my white fingers wrapped around the black man's dark cock. I looked at my husband and said, "Russ, why don't you zoom in for a close-up of this!" Saying that, I kneeled in front of Charles and put my red, lipsticked mouth over the opening of his cockhead. I could taste the salty pre-cum that the hot cock was producing as I slid my tongue under the mushroom shaped head. I squeezed my fingers on the thick shaft again and heard both my husband and Charles groan. My mouth pushed further onto the smooth, stiff pole while Charles held the sides of my head. I had my arms wrapped around the upper part of his muscular thighs and I felt my tits swing under me as I leaned further forward.

When I had as much of the brown cock as I could take in my mouth, I sucked on it as I pulled my head back. I let my mouth come all the way off the delicious organ and looked up to Charles, his cock still in my grip, I said, "Um! Your cock tastes so good! But I want to suck each of your big, hot balls, too!" I lifted the man's long cock up and moved my head between his legs. I opened my lips wide, under one of his hanging balls, and took it into my wet mouth. I felt the man's cock twitch as I closed my lips over his testicle and gently sucked it. Slowly, I pulled my mouth off the egg shaped ball and then sucked the second, big testicle. Charles' cock was throbbing in the grip of my hand while he ran his fingers through my hair. Russ broke the silence with, "Yeah! Jeana! Suck on those big balls! Yeah, suck'em!"

I let Charles' ball slide from my lips and I stood back up. He slipped his hand down to my pussy and said, "Lady, 'dis pussy is so hot and its all
wet, too!" I was still holding his cock and I said, to him, "I'm wet for for this nice, big, man-cock of yours! Wanna' fuck now?!!" He answered with, "Oh, yes! We gonna fuck now! We gonna fuck real good! Now, get on 'dat bed and get ready for Charles to put his cock in 'dat cunt!" I laid on my back, without taking off my high heels. My knees were bent and spread wide apart, my sticky cunt was pointing directly at my husband's camera. I played with my stiffening nipples and said, "OK, my big stud, come on and fuck my cunt! I want that big cock, now!"

The big man got on the bed, kneeling between my open thighs, and rubbed his hard cock against my nylons. He put his fingers onto my cunt lips and moved them around until I felt a finger slip into my hole. I stiffened as he fully inserted his long finger into me. His cock was aimed at my belly and I saw a drop of pre-cum slowly hang and then fall into my navel. He pulled his finger from my cunt and then took hold of his enlarged cock. He put the cockhead at my opening and then leaned over me. As his mouth came down to one of my nipples, he pushed the end of his dick into my willing cunt. I moaned and said, "Oh, yes! Yes! Uhhh! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me, Charles!"

Charles' thick, brown shaft glided into me for what seemed the longest time. The large cockhead was pushing into the depths of my cunt, where no cock had ever been! I moaned again, "It's so big! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me!" Russ had moved over beside the bed so he could get close-ups of the black man's oversized dick filling up my stretched open cunt. I heard him say, "Oh! Shit! I can't fucking believe he's got that whole thing up your cunt, Jeana!" I was almost in shock but managed to utter, "Umm! I can feel his cock in my stomach! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt!" Then Charles began to withdraw his long, fuck stick from me. When it was was nearly entirely pulled out he sank the awesome thing back into me, up to the root. He began screwing me with faster and faster strokes until my ass bounced on the mattress below me.

My husband had his camera trained on the pistoning action of Charles' dark meat as it appeared from the depths of me and then disappeared again quickly. I was having one long, continuous orgasm when Charles took several deep breaths, rammed his cock in me to the hilt, and then shook as his cum jetted into me. I screamed in pure ecstasy and my entire body jerked with uncontrollable quakes. The thick goo pumping into me just kept coming. I felt Charles' balls laying against the crack of my ass. They moved up and down my crack each time the buried cock swelled and then released another blast of the black man's sperm! His cock must have ejaculated for a full minute before he straightened up, pulling his spent cock from my gaping fuck hole!

The man who'd just unloaded his jism in me, remained kneeling between my quivering thighs. His still rigid, bone had his cum dripping off the end of it and the drops formed a small pool of semen on my belly. My husband was so excited he could barely speak, but he said, "Shit! He fucked the living shit out of you! Let me focus on that cunt, Jeana! It looks incredible! All that cunt juice and sperm covering it! It looks like you've been fucked by an army!" Charles was panting from near exhaustion and said, "Oh, shit, mon! It was better than this mon dreamed! Your wife, she sure know how to fuck a man!
That for sure, mon!"

My husband made Charles a copy of the tape and told him to show it around freely. He told him that if he had any friends that like what they see, they could call him. Russ told Charles that if he referred at least two more men to us, I would screw him again for free. Charles has fucked me three more times since that first time and he's never had to pay again! Every time two of his friends pay to fuck me, Charles comes over to collect his reward! That man cums more than any other I know! He fills my pussy with his sperm until it runs out of me!

I do all sorts of things these days. I mean, I don't just fuck other men for money. I'll do almost anything they ask as long as its reasonable and the
price is right. There is is this one older gentleman, he's 64, that likes to jerk off while I show him tapes of me getting laid by some big stud. He pays me $50 just to show him my tapes and tell him things like , "How I love big cocks coming in my cunt." or "How much sperm the Jamaican man shoots into me." I've come to like the old guy and sometimes I'll even give him a hand job while he plays with my tits. He always ends up sperming all over my face, neck and tits. There's this other guy who pays $150 for me to suck his cock until he's almost ready to cum and then he jacks off over my ass and covers it with his thick goo. Another man pays $100 to stick his tongue in my ass while I jack him off until he cums.

I've become a very experienced whore and know a lot about pleasing a man. I've even had young boys (13 and 14) come to feel my tits and get a hand-job from me. One boy, Michael, only 14 years old, saved an entire summer's pay for cutting lawns and doing errands, just to get enough cash to screw me. It was his first time with any girl and he told me that he had secretly watched a tape that his father kept hidden. He said the tape showed me getting screwed from behind and that he had jerked off more than he could count, just thinking about fucking me that way.

I felt kind of sorry for the young boy. He had saved for a whole summer to get his first lay from me and all he had was $115. I told him that since he had worked so hard for it I'd give him a very special time to remember. My husband wasn't home, so I gave Michael a few tapes of me to watch while I prepared myself for him. I went to bedroom and took all my clothes off. I put on some very tiny panties and then a very sheer negligee that allowed my tits to be seen beneath. When I went back to the living room, Michael was watching me on the television screen. It was a scene of me screaming while a big black man fucked me senseless. I surprised the boy by saying, "Oh! I'll never forget that one! He was so rough! I really though he might tear me apart the way he was going at me!"

Michael turned to see me standing there and his eyes popped when he saw how I was dressed! He jumped to his feet and then became quite embarrassed when he saw me stare at the bulge in his jeans. I gave him a wink and said, "Oh! Michael! Is that hardon you got for me?!" I told him to come into the bedroom with me. Once there, I held the boy's hand and said, "Now, don't be nervous, Michael. Take off your clothes and then come over to the bed with me." The boy was nervous, but he was out of his clothes in no time. I watched him walk toward the bed with his rock hard cock leading the way. The boy's dick was pink and the head was almost purple! It was nice sized too, a good 8 inches long anyway.

As the nervous youth stood in front of where I sat on the bed, I said to him, "Ooo! That's a very nice looking cock you have there, Michael!" I opened the front of my negligee, exposing my bare tits, and asked, "Would you like to feel my tits, Michael?" I saw his hardon twitch as he fixed his stare on my jugs. I said, "Go ahead, put your hands on my tits, Michael. I want you to hold them and squeeze them." He stepped closer and touched the sides of my tits and then felt them in his palms. I asked, "Do you like them? Do you like feeling my tits, Michael?" He nodded his head up and down and continued staring at them as he pressed his fingers into my full breasts.


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