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Gus hefted my tits and gently rubbed his thumbs over my nipples. In a tense voice he said, "Oh, Jeana! You can't believe how much I've wanted to get my hands on these tits of yours. Ever since Bill showed me that tape of you and him, I knew I just had to feel these magnificent boobs." I reached inside his shorts and grabbed his hot, stiff cock and said, "Ummm! this is a nice cock you have here Gus! Tell me did you jerk yourself off after seeing Bill fuck me on that tape?" Gus could hardly speak anymore but he managed to say "Yes! Oh yes! I jacked off several times just thinking about feeling these tits and fucking you!" I stepped away from him and said, "Why don't you take those shorts off and then take my panties down." Well the shorts were stripped off in a flash and Gus kneeled in front of me and took hold of the top seam of my undies. He pulled down slowly and made a low groan as my pussy hair was uncovered. He continued to pull the panties down off my hips and when he saw
how they clung to my wet slit he said, "Shit! Your pussy is soaking wet! Your panties are covered with your juices!"

Gus pulled my undies on down my legs and I stepped out of them. He stood back up and I took hold of his throbbing cock. I said, "Oh! Gus! Your cock is so nice and hard! Do you want to fuck me with it?" I looked at my husband and saw he was busy zooming in on my hand as I slowly stroked Gus' cock. Bill was still sitting in the chair but his pants were down and he had his huge cock in his hand. Gus was almost out of control. He had one hand on my tit and the other probing my cunt. I needed to have his cock and said, "Oh Gus! How are you going to fuck me? How do you want to take me?" Gus let my tit fall and said, "From behind . I want to fuck your hot cunt from behind!"

I climbed up on to my bed and got positioned for Gus's rear entry. Russ yelled out from behind the camera, "Turn your ass a little this way! I want a close-up of that primed cunt before it gets fucked!" I moved my ass toward the camera and looked back to my husband saying, "How's this?" Russ shouted, "Great! I've got a perfect shot of your juicing twat! Now Gus, get up on the bed and point your cock at my wife's pussy. I want to get a shot of the head of your dick at the opening to her cunt!" Gus crawled up behind me and steadied himself my placing one hand on the small of my back. I felt him hold his cock up to the lips of my cunt. He moved the head around in small circles until it was nestled between my slick pussy lips. I was so hot, I could feel my cunt juice running down my thigh.

My husband told Gus that he had a perfect view and to go ahead and fuck me. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks and then he eased into me. His cock felt so good! I moaned with the sensation of having the cock steadily move up my cunt. Gus pushed lightly on my upper back, indicating that he wanted my face down on the pillow. As I lowered my upper body, I felt my ass tilt up and my cunt slip further onto hot meat stuck in me. Gus began his fuck strokes with slow, pushes in, until his balls lay against my cunt, and then even slower pullouts, until the head of his cock was just inside my twat. Russ said that the action he was taping was, "Fantastic!" He said, "That's terrific, Gus! What a shot of all that slick cunt slime coating your cock!" I turned my head on the pillow and saw Bill jacking himself off. He saw me watching him and said, "Shit, Jeana! What a fucking cunt you have! I can't wait to fuck it again!" Russ spoke up saying, "Well, brother, it'll only cost you 200 bucks the next time!" He laughed.

Gus got into a steady fucking motion and grunted with each inward plunge. I came with a boiling climax and screamed into the pillow, but before the sensations were over, Gus fired his sperm deep in my contracting cunt. When he pulled out of me, I heard my husband say, "Great! Now let me zoom in on that cunt for the 'after' shot. Oh! Damn! What a mess that twat is! It's dripping with Jeana's juices and Gus' cum is seeping out of it! It looks totally fucked!" Bill, still jacking off in his chair, groaned and shot his cum wad out and onto the carpet. I must admit, my first professional fuck left me totally satisfied!

Gus waited around until Russ finished making him a copy of the tape. My husband said that the quality of my newest video was excellent. We reviewed it later that night and Russ fucked me while we watched Gus coming in my cunt. Gus showed several of his friends the tape of him screwing me and they asked if they could have the same thing done for them. One of Gus' friends was a black man from Jamaica, his name was Charles, and he said he "had to get some of 'dat  ladies cunt for himself." Gus talked to my husband about it and Russ asked me if I'd mind being fucked by a black man. I told my husband that I didn't mind if he didn't so Gus set up a meeting for us.

Charles was brought to our house by Gus and we were all introduced. The Jamaican man was very polite and told me he thought I was the sexiest lady he'd ever met. He said that the tape he saw of Gus and me was so arousing that he knew he'd have to be with me himself. I was flattered and as I surveyed the man's muscular physic I imagined what being fucked by him would be like. I told the handsome black man that my husband took care of all the business and that I would be in the bedroom when they were ready.

While I waited in the bedroom for my second performance as a hooker, I stripped naked and began to dress for the occasion. First I put on a shear pair of black nylons and a red garter belt. Next, I selected a very thin, very sexy, pair of red silk bikini panties and pulled them up over the garter straps. I picked out a lacy red bra that fastened in the front and revealed a great deal of my tits. I put on red, patent leather shoes that had 4" heels and checked myself in the mirror. As I adjusted my panties to cover my pubic hair, I noticed Charles enter the room, followed by Russ. The big Jamaican man's eyes lit up and he said, "You are one fine lookin' lady!" I thanked him for his complement and walked over to him. I put my arms around his neck and brought my lips to his. We kissed passionately for several minutes, with Charles' hands roaming over my tits and ass and my hands squeezing the hardening muscle in his pants.

I sucked on the big tongue probing my mouth and broke off my kiss with Charles. I rubbed my hand up and down over the full hardon sticking down his left leg, saying, "Oh, Charles! It certainly feels like you have quite a lot to show me! Why don't you take your clothes off and I'll do the same." I stepped back as the big black man began removing his shirt. I winked at my husband behind the camera, giving him a sexy smile. As Charles removed his pants and underwear, I focused on his huge, brown hardon. I'd never seen a black man's cock before and it fascinated me. The cock was much bigger than Russ'. The circumcised head was slightly lighter than the coffee colored shaft and big veins twisted along the length of it. I estimated that the length from root to tip was all of 10" and the man's large testicles hung 4 or 5 inches under it. I gasped, "Ooo! That's some equipment you've got there, Charles. Your brown cock is so nice and big!" He looked down at his stiff hardon, took it in his right hand, and rubbed his thumb along the ridge of the crown. Looking back to me, he said, "Yeah! And 'dis is all for you! Charles is gonna'
give it all to 'da the lady!"


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